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19-10-2020    13:08   |    Greenhouse Product News

CANADA- Anuvia Plant Nutrients has entered into a strategic relationship with ATP Nutrition to promote, sell and service Anuvia’s SymTRX products in Canada. SymTRX is a bio-based granular fertilizer line (16-1-0-20S and 14-24-0-10S) engineered to increase nutrient availability to the plant while contributing to improved soil health.

“This is a great fit for us,” says Hugh MacGillivray, Anuvia Chief Commercial Officer. “ATP will be a strong partner who understands plant nutrition and farming in Canada. This partnership will allow us to reach famers and agricultural retailers in Canada who are looking for strong, economically viable nutrient management strategies using sustainable crop nutrition solutions. SymTRX is a great fit for this market.” 


SymTRX brings enormous benefits to farming both from an economic and environmental perspective. Some of the key benefits growers can expect from using SymTRX include: 


• Improved nutrient efficiency – Over the last four years, university, on-farm trials and commercial use have shown the Organic MaTRX™ technology within SymTRX reduces volatility and leaching thereby contributing to an average yield increase of over 5% versus conventional fertilizers. 

• Increased soil health – SymTRX contains up to 16% organic matter and research confirms an increase in soil microbial activity thereby improving root mass as well as soil health. 

• Innovative, sustainable fertilizer – Unlike other fertilizers, SymTRX uses biobased technology to deliver recycled organic matter, along with 100% plant-available nutrients for more sustainable production. Research highlights the environmental benefit with up to a 32% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 

• Easy blending and application – As a high quality, homogeneous, granular product, SymTRX provides uniform nutrient distribution, blends easily with other fertilizers and fits well with existing application equipment. 


“The SymTRX technology will benefit growers and retailers across Canada. Growers make crop input decisions to benefit the crop, but are also committed to soil health to ensure the legacy of their land for generations to come. With the superior performance, enhanced efficacy and soil health benefits, SymTRX will provide a way for ag retailers to differentiate themselves,” says Jarrett Chambers, President, ATP Nutrition. “Both companies are committed to providing growers with science-based, high quality products that drive yield in a sustainable way. We look forward to the added value this relationship will bring to our customers.” 


SymTRX addresses a key issue of our time—how to meet future food demand in a sustainable way. SymTRX offers benefits for both end-users and the planet with little to no barriers to implementation. SymTRX works within current user practices and technologies, making its use a turnkey part of achieving sustainable production goals.


Source: Ag News

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