Sustainability in breeding and production at HilverdaFlorist

Sustainability in breeding and production at HilverdaFlorist
Photo Courtesy of HilverdaFlorist

Sustainability in floriculture is no longer just a concept, but an integral part of business operations. The team of HilverdaFlorist has dedicated itself to integrating sustainability principles into its business operations. The company already has several principles they are working on to be as future-proof as possible. In this article, we highlight some of these processes.

Sustainability in breeding

A crucial aspect of sustainability at HilverdaFlorist is the integration of sustainable principles into breeding. A major importance of this is reducing the use of pesticides within the various product groups. The focus is on developing genetic resistances and tolerances, thereby reducing dependence on these substances.

Resilience is a key concept in the breeding process, meaning improved plant resistance to diseases, pests and abiotic stressors. HilverdaFlorist maintains partnerships with Wageningen University and other external laboratories to research genetic resistances. This demonstrates commitment to knowledge sharing and joint efforts toward sustainability goals.

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