Guided tour for frontline workers

26-05-2020    08:03   |    The Hindu

INDIA- Continuing their recent efforts to give workers on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 a break from their daily routine, the Department of Horticulture invited around 200 conservancy workers to the Government Botanical Garden, where they were given a guided tour by officials on Monday.

The workers were welcomed with flowers and were applauded for their efforts to keep the Nilgiris safe from the pandemic. The group of 200 workers were the latest frontline staff who were given a tour of the garden, which was prepared for the annual flower show that had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Earlier, healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses, and police personnel were invited to the garden on separate days.

To give them a break from their daily routine..


The workers were also invited to visit the garden with members of their family for the rest of the week.


M. Veni, a conservancy worker from Udhagamandalam, said that she was extremely excited to visit the garden this year. “I usually do not visit the garden when the flower show is held each year due to the crowd. This special arrangement makes each and every one of us feel valued and appreciated for the work we do every day,” said Ms. Veni.


Joint Director of Horticulture Sivasubramaniam Samraj and Assistant Director of Horticulture M. Radhakrishnan were also present.


Source and Photo Courtesy of The Hindu

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