FloraHolland: Improved accessibility, tailored contact

13-08-2019    01:30   |    HortiBiz

Royal FloraHolland has adapted its organization in recent months. This has enhanced its ability to respond to changes in the industry, such as digitization and globalization, and the cooperative can provide growers with better tailored services.

The needs and wishes of growers and customers are central to this adaptation. Royal FloraHolland aims to improve its service provision and is continuously occupied with increasing the quality of its services in order to boost the results of growers. 


One of the measures that Royal FloraHolland has taken is a renewed structuring of the account management organization and the Contact Center. This process is spearheaded by better availability and tailored contact. Royal FloraHolland’s account managers will contact the growers more frequently. This will give them a good insight into the growers’ needs so that a tailored service can be provided. 


The increasing capacity and the central role of the Contact Center will ensure even better availability and will enable Royal FloraHolland to help the growers directly and more quickly with their questions about products, logistics, payments or services. They will be able to answer far more questions centrally. In short, growers will receive the information they need more quickly, saving time and effort.

Photo credit: Royal FloraHolland

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