Ellepot’s Flex20 AIR: Faster sticking and better rooting

13-06-2019    03:30   |    HortiBiz

Dutch grower, Paper Plug produces millions of pots each year at its facility in the Netherlands for its own production of young flower plants as well as for their customers. They are one of the first growers in Holland to take advantages of the new Ellepot Flex20 AIR machine – and they can already see the benefits of using this revolutionary technology in their production.

The Flex20 AIR creates soft and airy ecofriendly pots with higher air content, resulting in faster, healthier and more uniform root growth. Nico Boers, CEO of Paper Plug says that besides better rooting, the production team experience faster and easier sticking of cuttings and seedlings due to the softness of the pots and the intact structure of the substrate. 

“We produce millions of pots each year, but we could already feel the difference from the start. We are now able to stick cuttings up to 20 % faster due to the soft and airy pots produced on the Flex20 AIR,” says Nico. “The new technology, handles the substrate so gently that the fragile roots of the plantlets are unharmed when we stick. This, of course creates a better quality end-product, as the chances for survival increases. 

The new technology and the benefits that follows are felt through the supply chain Nico Boers explains:  “Since we’ve invested in the airy pots technology, we have only received positive feedback from customers.  The pots simply allow better aeration and drainage for roots, meaning our plants grow healthier and faster, ultimately resulting in reduced time to market for our customers.”

The Flex20 AIR in numbers

·        Produces up to 45,000 Ellepots per hour

·        Runs on decomposable and ecofriendly paper – choose from 18 varieties

·        Creates pots with up 20% higher air content

·        Only 1 operator needed

·        New user friendly 12” touch screen 

To find out how the Ellepot Flex20 AIR could benefit your business, contact Ellepot at info@ellepot.dk

Young plant producer, Paper Plug has recently had the Flex20 AIR installed at their facility in Holland. They say that the new machine and technology by Ellepot has proven to be a valuable addition to their operation.

Paper Plug also produces pots for customers where they can choose the substrate blend and type of Ellepot paper for their ecofriendly pots.

Paper Plug’s factory workers in Holland find the airier ecofriendly pots faster to work with thanks to new technology

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