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13-06-2019    02:00   |    HortiBiz

Behind the scenes, Royal FloraHolland is working hard to map out novelties for you once again, for suppliers, exporters and wholesalers. Register your novelty in advance.

Trade Fair Aalsmeer starts in November 2019. During this event novelties are given a stage. They are even indicated separately on the map. And more importantly, the stage is open to every tradable novelty.


Novelties, the newest of the new, the cream of the crop and the pride of the floriculture industry. In recent years, Royal FloraHolland enjoyed sharing them with a larger audience: at the Trade Fairs, seasonal fairs and even at fairs in Moscow, Essen and Nairobi. Royal FloraHolland and the expert jury already spotlighted and rewarded the most special novelties  during the presentation of our prestigious Dutch Tulip Award, formerly known as the 'Glazen Tulp' (Glass Tulip).


Are you interested in showing your tradable novelty at Trade Fair Aalsmeer? If so, contact Royal FloraHolland. In doing so, you will also qualify as a participant in the future novelty award. You will receive the terms and conditions after contacting Royal FloraHolland.  

Click here if you want to show your tradable novelty at the Trade Fair.

Photo credit: Royal FloraHolland

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