Syngenta Flowers opens demo garden in Beijing

17-05-2019    02:00   |    Syngenta Flowers Europe

Syngenta Flowers opened a demo garden at the Beijing Horticultural Expo. With this demo garden, Syngenta Flowers wants to demonstrate its assortment for the use of both landscaping and in smaller private gardens.  

The Beijing Horticultural Expo was opened by Chinese President Xi Jinping on April 28th. More than 16 million people are expected to visit the expo, before it ends in the start of October.

“Our trialing garden is in the style of urban city and currently shows violas and spring perennials”, says Gerard Werink, Marketing Manager Business International. “We will change the crops three times. For instance, in summertime we will highlight the Downey Mildew resistant Impatiens Imara, Vinca and Pelargonium.”

The garden is situated at the entry of the big field where comparison trials of the commercial assortments of many crops are shown. Also here you can find many of the well performing Syngenta varieties for perennials, bi-annuals and annuals, both from seed and cuttings.

Photo credit: Syngenta Flowers

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