The elephant in the grow room: The realities of VF

The elephant in the grow room: The realities of VF

Critics often emerge as passionate individuals driven by a genuine desire to see improvements in their field. One such individual, Thomas Williams, brings us a thought-provoking presentation entitled ‘The Elephant in the Growroom.’ While criticism can be irksome, Williams’ critical perspective stems from his passion for vertical farming and a strong commitment to its success.

Key Takeaways from the Presentation:

  1. Reality Check for Vertical Farming: Williams’ presentation is a wake-up call for the world of vertical farming, focusing primarily on the mass production of vertically farmed leaf lettuce and herbs. It sheds light on the struggles faced by even the biggest and most innovative farms, many of which have gone bankrupt.
  2. Profit: The Unspoken Challenge: The central theme of Williams’ presentation is the profitability challenge in vertical farming. Investors often overlook the reality when considering this industry. He emphasizes that making a profit is the most basic of all business sustainability rules.
  3. Competing in the Real World: Vertical farmers must recognize that they operate in the real world, facing competition from seasonal cheap imports, traditional field horticulture with massive investments, dominant processor groups, and knowledgeable food retail giants determined to maintain the status quo.  We are challenging every one of these firmly entrenched entities and we must learn how to stand up against or assimilate, with them.
  4. The Path to Success: Vertical farmers must blend in-depth plant knowledge with efficient, cost-effective automation and sustainable energy sources to succeed operationally. On the business front, understanding the food supply chain is crucial, including decisions on selling to wholesalers, retailers, or consumers directly.

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