10 lessons for enhancing safety in your horti business

10 lessons for enhancing safety in your horti business

Managing a horticultural business entails various challenges, including meeting customer demands and maintaining a thriving greenhouse. Amid these responsibilities, prioritizing the safety of your employees and customers is essential.

Soon, OSHA will release its report of the top 10 safety violations for the 2023 fiscal year. The annual report presents an opportunity to assess your own operations so you can make safety enhancements based on some of the most common safety risks faced by businesses like yours.

Let’s look at the 2022 OSHA report as a resource to cultivate a safer environment. It can serve as a valuable tool to enhance safety and mitigate risks within your horticultural business — one that nurtures the growth of your greenhouse alongside the safety of your employees and customers.

#1. Fall protection violations: 5,260 reported violations
For 12 consecutive years, fall protection violations have topped OSHA’s list of employer safety violations. Falls pose significant hazards in various industries, including horticulture. Ensuring proper fall protection measures, including guardrails, safety nets, and personal fall arrest systems, remains essential for safeguarding employees working at heights or elevated surfaces.

#2. Hazard communication: 2,424 reported violations
In horticultural businesses, employees may encounter various chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. Proper labeling, documentation of safety data sheets (SDS), and effective communication of potential hazards can mitigate risks associated with improper handling or exposure to hazardous substances.

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