Dutch day of Horticulture radiomarathon

05-07-2020    19:50   |    Goedemorgen

Tomorrow – on July 7th, the 2nd "Horticultural Day" will take place on Paprika Tasty Radio will take place on Paprika Tasty Radio, as an initiative by Dutch parties HortiContact, KAS Magazine and Goedemorgen. The horticulture industry is gathering once again on July 7th, after the huge success of the 1st edition on April 23 which was mainly about supporting each other, while the focus is on the future of horticulture now.

We will discuss these topics on Tuesday, 7th of July between 17:00 and 18:00 (Dutch time). We kick off with Bouke Arends, the mayor of the Westland. Then Tisha Livingston (CEO Infinite Acres, owner of the tomato container on Fifth Avenue), Jelte van Kammen (CEO Harvest House) and Stijn Baan (bridge builder between what is essential, food and health) will take over.

You can tune in at www.paprikatastyradio.nl (download the free app), but you can also join by webinar through registering here.

You can ask questions and you can also experience live how digital webinar / radio is made.

Photo: Jungle Talks will participate in the Day of Horticulture, called ‘Dag van de Tuinbouw’ in Dutch

Production unit cherry tomatoes of Infinite Acres (Joint Venture between Priva and 80 Acres) on Fifth Avenue in New York in front of the Guggenheim museum. Tisha Livingston is the CEO of Infinite Acres.

Renee Snijders (right) and friends visiting "Countryside - The Future" at the Guggenheim museum in NYC.



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