Entrepreneurs receive support after hurricane

24-05-2020    17:09   |    UZ Daily

UZBEKISTAN, Tashkent- Between 8 and 10 May, a working group led by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sardor Umurzakov and consisting of heads of ministries, departments, commercial banks and local authorities visited Alat, Karakul and Jandar districts of Bukhara the region where members of it met with local entrepreneurs (primarily the owners of greenhouse farms) who suffered from the hurricane at the end of April 2020.

The members of the group, together with manufacturers and exporters of the three districts, developed specific mechanisms and algorithms for financial support in order to restore their enterprises as soon as possible. So, in particular, a number of entrepreneurs were assisted in restructuring debts on existing loans, accelerating the assessment of damage caused, accelerating the payment of insurance policies by insurance companies, as well as in other matters related to the resumption of work of greenhouses and industrial enterprises.

Also, together with the heads of commercial banks, the opening of new financing for 170 projects in the areas of horticulture, livestock, poultry, fish farming and the production of building materials with the creation of about 2,000 new jobs in three areas was worked out. When forming this package of projects, the agrarian and industrial potential of each district was taken into account in order to cover unused reserves in promising areas and sectors with maximum economic effect.

Special attention was paid to the restoration and strengthening of damaged and existing infrastructure - work was carried out on the formation of projects aimed at the development of drinking water supply systems in the Jandar, Kagan, Karaulbazar, Romitan, Peshku, Bukhara districts, as well as the construction of sewage systems in the district centers of Karakul, Alat, Gijduvan, Romitan and Karaulbazar districts.

Also, together with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, issues were agreed to accelerate the implementation of the project for the reconstruction of roads of regional, state and international importance in Bukhara region.

All developed mechanisms and instructions were distributed among specific executives in the person of the heads of the relevant departments, commercial banks and local authorities with the determination of the deadlines for implementation, as well as the implementation of new projects and the commissioning of newly created enterprises.

Control over the timely and high-quality implementation of these measures and instructions will be carried out through a system of strict and regular monitoring by the Prosecutor General.

Source and Photo Courtesy of UZDaily

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