MBFE and G-Flowers join Holex

12-05-2020    10:57   |    Goedemorgen

Family business Marc Boers Flower Export (MBFE), founded in 1988 and fully focused on the export of fresh cut flowers for the higher and exclusive segment, has decided to join Holex Flower in De Kwakel, part of the Dutch Flower Group. G-Flowers, which already worked closely with MBFE, is also following this path.

Marc and daughter Sannie Boers and Jeroen van der Geest, owners of these export companies, have decided this to enable further growth of the customer portfolio. Together with Holex, they will use the scale and market position in the various sales countries and, where possible, join forces to unburden customers even better.


All indicate that they are delighted with the affiliation with Holex: “Combining our forces offers great opportunities for further growth. In addition, the 'can do' mentality is an important part of our culture and that of Holex, so that our customers can expect an even higher level of service.” Paul Hoogenboom, director of Holex Flower, says he is happy with this opportunity to send even more beautiful and exclusive flowers around the world. “That market may now be in the doldrums, but will certainly peak again next year. We are ready for that.”

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