Combine harvesting work with hygiene

17-02-2020    22:07   |    Goedemorgen

In times of viruses on various crops, there are many growers who have taken strict measures to minimize the risk of infection. Fortunately, Steenks Service offers growers a number of suitable solutions to this problem.

In order to be able to link hygiene with crop work, Steenks Service offers a decontamination container. You have to attach this dip container to your pipe rail trolley. The pipe rail trolley will then stop after a self-set time and only continue driving if the user has disinfected his hands in the dip container. As a result, you will be working a lot cleaner and the risk of infection through physical contact will be greatly reduced.

Steenks Service also offers a solution in the form of a disinfection port. This port can only be unlocked if you press the buttons simultaneously with two hands in the disinfection tray, which is filled with a disinfectant. Moreover, this disinfection line also ensures that the shoe soles are cleaned when the buttons are pressed.

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