Secret Plant Shop Out of a Brooklyn Apartment

17-10-2019    09:48   |    Yahoo

Meet Jarema Osofsky [Yar-eh-mah Oss-off-ski], or, as Instagram knows her, @DirtQueenNYC.

Osofsky hails from Middletown, NY, but since, she’s lived in L.A., Hong Kong, and has resided in Brooklyn's Prospect Heights for the past four years. She studied Fine Art and Chinese in college, but her life's work—plants—didn’t begin until she hit a low point in her life. She turned a passion project into a side hustle, and now, into a full-grown business, organically (pun intended, of course). Osofsky’s secret plant shop, which some of her nearly 3.5K followers have dubbed a “plant speakeasy,” is taking over Instagram...and her Brooklyn apartment.

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Photo courtesy to Sarah Madaus

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