The case for investing in greenhouses in the U.S.

The case for investing in greenhouses in the U.S.
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The agricultural landscape in the United States is undergoing a transformative shift, driven by supply chain weaknesses identified during the pandemic, the changes in our climate making it harder for field farmers to grow consistently, and the increasing demand from consumers for more sustainable and locally sourced produce. 

Greenhouses offer a viable solution to meet this shift in consciousness by providing a controlled environment for year-round cultivation. 

Unlike the heavily publicized indoor vertical farms, greenhouses leverage natural sunlight, circumventing the high energy demands plaguing vertical farming systems. Furthermore, these systems are proven as they have been used for centuries, and their technologies continue to advance.

Today's greenhouses vary in size and purpose, from high-tech facilities supporting research and breeding to those employing controlled environment agriculture techniques like hydroponics and aquaponics. The evolution of greenhouses reflects a continuous pursuit of optimizing growing conditions, meeting the demands of an expanding population, and contributing significantly to global agriculture and horticulture.

Notable Greenhouse Regions

Three regions of note have blossomed over the last several decades as destinations for greenhouse growers and operations. They are:

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