The new VF tech from the best eco friendly company

The new VF tech from the best eco friendly company

So?nica,Poland - Polaron is becoming the most reliable eco-friendly food supplier for this they implemented innovative methods of plantations. Using the strategy of Vertical farming technology .Amazingly being a nature lover company keep in mind the healthier worth of organic foods haverstings plants by implementing vertical farming methods as it is emerging as a market of fastest-growing sectors in enhancing the global economy. It is mainly dependent on the continuous increase in the demand for food but also on the progressive climate change and the growing costs of conventional crops.

Until now, however, despite the very advanced technology and constant development of the entire market - vertical farming remains an expensive investment, the profitability of which depends on many factors. Therefore, the fastest growth is observed in the most urbanized places for which there are no alternatives in the form of classic agricultural cultivation.

The Polaron team has developed a modular vertical farming system that allows easy construction and connection of subsequent modules.

The cost of each square meter of the farming area is at least 2-3 times lower than that of classic vertical crops, bringing us closer to where this type of crop has become dominant globally.

Work on an effective farming technology lasted almost 3 years. The team can boast of such achievements as the development of an electrostimulation technology that stabilizes the surface tension of plant cells. The nanotechnological process of supplying water and minerals to plants developed its own LED lighting and the entire construction that can be freely combined with each other, thus extending the farming space with no additional costs.

Polaron combines real technology, which is needed in our world, and blockchain to scale fast and reach a wider audience.

They created the token named POLAR and based 4 main utilities on it.

Charity voting, Real Staking Pool, Gaming section, NFT Food Exchange

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Photo by Petr Magera on Unsplash

Source: Yahoo Finance


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