Terra Nova shows off latest plant varieties in the Far East

13-10-2021    08:28   |    Greenhouse Grower

Terra Nova Nurseries recently participated in eight public plant displays throughout the Chinese capital of Beijing. Thirty varieties were planted in thematic displays on Beijing’s Chang-an Road to commemorate a national holiday. The displays were first unveiled and opened to the public June 28, 2021, and they remained open until the end of August 2021.

“The Terra Nova varieties selected for these displays were chosen based upon their tolerance to hot, humid weather and full-sun exposure throughout the day,” says Kevin Chen, Terra Nova Nurseries’ Asia Representative. “In terms of both performance and appearance, all the selected plants have done a great job.”

Terra Nova Nurseries worked with licensee Beijing Florascape to select, install, and monitor varieties that were best suited to survive and flourish in the late-summer Beijing weather conditions. Beijing Florascape has placed high-tech environmental sensors in various locations to ensure the health and vitalities of plants in each bed and sculpture. These sensors monitor the plants’ moisture levels in the substrate, air temperature and humidity levels.

This is not the first time Terra Nova Nurseries has worked with Beijing Florascape to create plant installations in China. The two companies recently worked together on the thousands of Terra Nova plants installed at the Beijing Expo Park in the Yanqing District of Beijing, China in 2020.

Learn more at www.terranovanurseries.com.

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Photo by Christin Noelle on Unsplash

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