The new chairman of Turkish horti association

The new chairman of Turkish horti association

In the 6th Ordinary General Meeting held on 10 December 2022 by the Turkish Greenhouse Construction and Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (SERKONDER), the new chairman and board of directors were elected. The Board of the SERKONDER Association, which still has 62 members, passed with the high representation power among the Turkish Greenhouse equipment manufacturers and the intense participation of its members. In the general meeting, where sector problems were discussed and past management studies were discussed, the previous board team was released and the new management was elected.

Cengiz Yaylali, Chairman of Timfog

Mr. Cengiz Yaylalı who was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association (SERKONDER), shared the 2023-2024 vision and roadmap of the new board in his presentation. This roadmap is basically gathered under 7 main headings. These are;

1. Activation of the greenhouse academy in 2024,

2. Turkish greenhouse technical standards will be discussed among the universities & the members of SERKONDER and publication in 2023,

3. Strengthening and systematizing relationships with the domestic and international sector stakeholder associations, establishing the roof of greenhouse associations in the Turkic republics and Europe,

4. Opening new "Greenhouse mechanics and production" departments by increasing the cooperation between universities and industry, apart from curriculum support providing internship, R&D and laboratory support to these departments as an association,

5. Ensuring that the "Greenhouse Industrial Zones", which are still established in some places in Turkey, are designed correctly and guided by SERKONDER,

6. Continuing the work to ensure that the agricultural support in government agency and state banks can be actualized more regular, effective and increased negotiations,

7. It is aimed to establish a "Project approval center" to technically standardize the entire greenhouse sector within SERKONDER for institutions such as Ziraat Bank and Tarsim Insurance companies that carry out the financing and insurance of greenhouses.

     The names of the new board of directors of SERKONDER and their distribution of duties are as follows;



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