Research center will analyze the shift to indoor farming

Research center will analyze the shift to indoor farming

SPAIN - Urban Crop Solutions (UCS) and Dr. Rudi Pauwels are setting up a research center on indoor farming applications in southern Spain. Research at the center will focus on the impact of climate change on crops in Southern Europe, while working on optimizing nutrient content. For UCS, this new research center complements its existing research center in Belgium. Dr. Rudi Pauwels will also advise UCS on its plant molecular farming activities.

Urban Crop Solutions has been active in researching growing plants without sunlight, in its own designed and engineered indoor farms, since 2014. Many of these farms have been commissioned and installed globally. Past research activities at the headquarters in Belgium have already led to several new applications enabled by the company’s controlled environment growing techniques that offer solutions to the global challenges of food scarcity, and the production of plant-based ingredients and raw materials.

With Dr. Rudi Pauwels, who is world-renowned for his development of the world’s most widely used and successful AIDS inhibitors, and founder of several successful biotech companies, UCS will build a new research center near Málaga in southern Spain. This research center will work on the challenges brought about by global warming in southern European regions. In these regions, there is an opportunity and a need to rethink traditional farming practices, considering the increasing water shortages, and the advantages offered by modern agriculture. With consideration to calls that in the future, farms should focus more on the production of the most nutritious crops, UCS and Pauwels, have determined their joint mission as one that optimizes the nutrient content of crops, through their controlled environment agriculture techniques. The research center should be operational by early 2023. The studies will be led by Pauwels and Dr. Oscar Navarrete, Chief Plant Scientist at Urban Crop Solutions.

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