Partnerships, tech and behaviour change key for agri growth

Partnerships, tech and behaviour change key for agri growth

India - has the potential to become ?aatmnirbhar? in agriculture and also meet the food requirement of the world, said Mr Narendra Singh Tomar, Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare.

Speaking during the session, Food for All: From Farm to Fork, during the 3rd edition of LEADS 2022 - a global thought leadership initiative of the industry chamber FICCI, the minister said the country is steadfastly moving ahead in the direction. However, everyone must work together for the goal. ?We would like to collaborate. I use this opportunity to invite the international community to join hands with us for the benefit of coming generations,? he said.

He noted that country's agri exports had crossed the milestone of ?4 lakh crores. ?We are working to increase it further,? he said.

Minister Tomar said that the government is constantly working to make the country ?aatmnirbhar?. As a result, Indian agriculture recorded a robust growth of 3.9% despite the pandemic. In addition, the minister reiterated that the government aims to make Indian agriculture internationally competitive by aiding the small farmers in the country. He alluded to several government programmes to reduce farming-related challenges. ?Due to increase in investment in basic infrastructures like irrigation system, storage, warehousing, and cold storage, the Indian agriculture is expected to record robust growth in the coming years,? he added.

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