The world’s largest VF produces more with Philips

The world’s largest VF produces more with Philips

DUBAI - In a harsh desert climate, conditions are very severe to grow leafy greens locally, and transporting the vegetables is not sustainable. Located next to Dubai airport, Bustanica produced more than 1 million leafy greens annually. Bustanica is the biggest vertical farming facility in the world with a 3 Ha area and 27 rooms with individual climates to control the production of leafy green fully. The results: the cleanest, hygienic, and most sustainable leafy greens. “The objective of the farm is to make sure we have the cleanest and most hygienic product in a sustainable way to serve on emirates flights,” Kieran Dowd, Vice President of Sourcing Solutions Emirates flight catering.

Lighting is essential at Bustanica vertical farming facility. The unique light recipe helps leafy greens to grow stronger and healthier. Philips LED has the best light efficacy with the minimum number of LEDs required to achieve the best results in the Bustanica vertical farming facility. Customers highly appreciate the taste and the freshness of the leafy greens, but more importantly, the cleanliness and hygiene of the products. Leafy greens from Bustanica are the first product from UAE where customers can eat the products directly from the bag without the need to wash them. Bustanica works closely with Philips horticulture for continuous improvement to deliver sustainable, high-quality products.

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