Jungle Talks to Russia

10-09-2021    16:38   |    Goedemorgen

For the coming two weeks, ‘Jungle Talks to the World’ will be focused on the biggest country in the world, Russia! The country has developed itself into an influential horticultural player in recent years. Some of the most modern, vegetable producing greenhouses you find in Russia. In addition, you can buy the most beautiful roses in Moscow. People are willing to pay for quality. The government for long has been supporting the industry with lavish subsidies. Has this turned Russia into a global horticultural leader or will the country still need to depend on foreign knowledge and technology?

Agricultural Counsellor Henk Stigter will present a general overview of what horticulture in Russia looks like today. Afterwards Konstatin Roslyakov, president of RosAnalytics will share his insights and experiences working in horticulture in the east of Russia, a truly up and coming region. Wim Steeghs, director of Eastern Europe of Signify, shines his light on the developments in high tech horticulture, especially energy. John Elstgeest, director of Flower Circus dives into Russian culture and shares what it takes to be successful in this enormous country. What are absolute do’s & don’ts?

Presenter Ed Smit will introduce his guests during the first episode on September 16. The following week, on September 23, he and his guests will talk about the opportunities and challenges in this huge country. They will discuss themes as innovation, sustainability and energy use and the future of the sector. There are still many challenges to tackle in Russia and now government subsidies are declining, what will the sector look like in some 5 years from now?
If you’re interested to know more about Russia, do not miss these episodes of Jungle Talks to the World. In 2 hours you’ll get a good overview of the current situation in horticulture and what the future will look like in the next couple of years. Tune in on Thursday 16 and 23 September at 16.00 hrs CET via www.paprikatastyradio.nl.  

‘Jungle Talks to Russia’ is powered by Paprika Tasty Radio and Jungle Talks and supported by Netherlands Agricultural Network. Following the radio shows, all ‘Jungle Talks to’ episodes can be downloaded as podcast from Spotify via this link:


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