Ireland's first hydroponic farm secures 'game-changing' deal

12-10-2021    14:47   |    Buzz

Former mushroom farmer Brian O’Reilly and brother Aidan will produce basil, baby leaf mixes and microgreens 365 days a year for Compass Group Ireland.

Two brothers have secured a “game changing” deal with a Dublin caterer after launching Ireland’s first commercial hydroponic farm.

In a nutshell

Former mushroom farmer Brian O’Reilly and his brother Aidan are to produce basil, baby leaf mixes and microgreens 365 days a year for Compass Group Ireland.

The crops will be grown indoors without soil or pesticides in former mushroom tunnels at the duo’s new cutting edge vertical farming facility in Co Tipperary under the new Emerald Greens brand.


Dublin native Brian O’Reilly established his mushroom business in Ballyporeen in 1999.

He has so far converted one of his eight growing tunnels with a Sanabio vertical farming system from Dublin company Farmony in his move towards vertical farming but has plans for more.

“This deal with Compass Ireland is a game-changer for our new vertical business at a critical time in our development,” he explained.

Brian says his move to vertical farming was prompted by the opportunity to produce year round with better margins and less reliance on UK exports post-Brexit.

He added: “It gives us much needed security and allows us to plan ahead and make a success of this new way of growing fresh produce year-round.

“We are no longer export dependent as a business. Instead, we are showing other producers a more sustainable way of growing a greater range of fresh green produce here in Ireland for the local market.”

It is hoped the deal between the two firms will reduce food miles while supporting sustainable practices.


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