Huawei and Dronetech elevate partnership for sustainability

Huawei and Dronetech elevate partnership for sustainability

Huawei and Dronetech, Austria's largest drone service provider, recently announced new applications resulting from their collaboration in 5G smart farming.

At the Nussböckgut vineyard, a centuries-old estate in Upper Austria that was first mentioned in a document in 1323, the two companies provided an update on their pioneer project that started last year, and introduced how their 5G and IoT technologies can advance sustainability in agriculture. The two companies also hosted a panel made up of digitalization and agriculture experts discussing how technology innovation, and 5G particularly, can promote sustainable farming amid rising global concerns for food security.

The two companies announced that their collaboration is entering the second phase called "Digital Sky". Huawei will provide cloud computing services on top of 5G, which will serve as the foundation for real-time artificial intelligence (AI) analysis. Meanwhile, equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors, Dronetech's drones will survey the land and objects, to capture images and data that will be processed by AI, and provide actionable findings to the users instantly.

The technology helps farmers detect small insects, monitor crop status and predict harvests, allowing them to optimize the use of water, chemicals and pesticides precisely, and with minimum waste.

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