Freight Farms Partners with Biosphere 2

Freight Farms Partners with Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2 is turning to Freight Farms to further novel research on creating a circular economy of food production, its benefits and the role of vertical farming

BOSTON -- Freight Farms, the world's leading manufacturer of container farming, today announced a partnership with The University of Arizona Biosphere 2, the lauded experimental research facility and its team of free-thinking scientists, to explore new ways of growing food in the face of environmental challenges threatening the global food system. This endeavor is part of Biosphere 2's larger initiative to advance the understanding of natural and human-made ecosystems through integrated research to increase the resilience and sustainability of Earth systems and human quality of life.

The increasingly erratic climate and rapidly changing environment threaten the harmonious relationship between humans and the land used to sustain us. The resulting imbalance will only amplify in the coming decades if nothing is done to find solutions to these issues now. Freight Farms and Biosphere 2 feel a collective responsibility to explore new ways of growing food for the future in the face of these challenges.

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