VF of rare agri produce takes root in UAE

VF of rare agri produce takes root in UAE

With vertical farming and aquaculture, UAE is growing exotic foods for export purposes

Who says you cannot grow food crops in the desert? Thanks to vertical farming methodology and light-assisted hydroponics systems, farmers in the UAE are not just effortlessly growing mass-consumed food crops but also rare and exotic plants and foods of high value.

Recently, Sharjah-based agricultural technology company Veggitech unveiled that it has cultivated and harvested the world’s most expensive spice, saffron, also known as red gold.

After a few years of experiments with smaller quantities of saffron bulbs, the teams at Veggitech cultivated roughly 150,000 crocus Sativa bulbs from the Netherlands by growing them in vertical farms in Al Zubair. The company’s farm in Sharjah also has a vast fig plantation and grows mass-consumption produce such as tomatoes, chillies, and green leafy veggies.

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Photo created by Petr Magera - Unsplash




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