Plantpeddler facilitates coverage of unique poinsettias

Plantpeddler facilitates coverage of unique poinsettias

Working with Plantpeddler, Better Homes & Gardens magazine published an article about unique and novelty poinsettia varieties.

With the holiday season around the corner, Plantpeddler coordinated with Better Homes & Gardens (BHG) magazine to produce an article and photoshoot in its December issue to feature non-traditional, unique and novelty poinsettias. Mike Gooder, owner, and Stacy Bryant, sales representative, shared what went into this project with BHG.

BHG wanted to do an article on novelty and non-red poinsettia varieties with the goal of promoting the fact that there are more options available than just red poinsettias. When most people think of poinsettias, they think of the color red, which goes with the traditional and standard red-green color scheme that dominates the holiday season. But according to Gooder, Plantpeddler wants to expand and redefine what poinsettias can be in consumers’ minds. “Hopefully it does what it's supposed to do and works some magic at retail for the smaller independent garden centers,” Gooder says, adding that this is “the ultimate goal” of the article.

Gooder describes the red poinsettia as a crop that’s “abused” by marketing. “There was a lot of devaluation that went on in poinsettias when it became a loss leader at Black Friday,” he explains. “We went from the perception of a poinsettia being a $15 to $20 premium retail flowering plant to a get-six-for-$10-or-$2.00-apiece crop, so quality suffered. The image of the poinsettia took a beating.”

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