New hydrangea was the crowd favorite at the Farwest Show

New hydrangea was the crowd favorite at the Farwest Show

Farwest Show attendees chose Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Eclipse’ as the People’s Choice winner in the 2023 New Varieties Showcase during the event. The plant, bred by Bailey Innovations and introduced by Bailey Nurseries based in St. Paul, MN, was one of 59 outstanding new selections on display at the 2023 Farwest Show.

“New plants bring excitement to the nursery industry and to gardening,” says Mary Claire Lamm, Manager of Events and Education for the Oregon Association of Nurseries, which produces the show. “We had 59 new plants on display this year at the New Varieties Showcase, so it was a lot of excitement, and a great way to see some of the top performing plants of the future.”

‘Eclipse’ is the first true dark-leaf Hydrangea macrophylla on the market. Its intense, dark-purple foliage holds its color, even in sunny warm climates. The striking foliage, paired with gorgeous dark-purple- or cranberry-colored blooms, will make a big impact at retail, in the garden, and in a decorative container. ‘Eclipse’ is a grower-friendly plant that offers excellent mildew and Cercospora fungus resistance, holds up well in a garden center, and is a standout in the landscape. It grows to 3 to 5 feet wide by 3 to 5 feet tall, and is hardy in Zones 5a to 9b. It is available as #2 and #5 containers and JumpStarts from a range of nurseries.

In addition of the Best of Show award, attendes gave Awards of Merit as follows:

  • Winter Daphne ‘Banana Split’, discovered by Cesar Velazquez and introduced by Monrovia Nursery. Banana Split is an exceptional new selection with variegated foliage. Each leaf has a wide yellow edge. Rose-pink buds open to white, sweetly fragrant flowers. It is a great foundation plant in dappled shade that resists reversion compared to other variegated daphne varieties. It grows to 3 to 4 feet wide by 3 to 4 feet tall and is hardy to Zone 7a. The plant is available as #2 containers from Monrovia Nursery.

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Photo: Greenhouse Grower



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