DLG Feldtage 2024 field exhibition attracts visitors

DLG Feldtage 2024 field exhibition attracts visitors

From 11 to 13 June 2024 in Erwitte near Lippstadt, Germany- Guiding theme ‘Crop production out of the box’ – More than 340 exhibitors - Europe's largest venue for agricultural machinery demonstrations with live commentary - Professional topics on crop production, crop breeding, croip protection, fertilizer management, agricultural technology - Special features: Value chains, organic farming - Launch of FarmRobotix platform - DLG Plaza: Venue for networking and professional exchange

(DLG). The DLG Feldtage exhibition 2024, a biennual field at alternating locations in Germany, will this year take place in Erwitte, Germany at the Brockhof Estate. More than 340 companies from 17 countries will be exhibiting their solutions at the field event. Under this year's guiding theme of ‘Crop production out of the box’, visitors will have access to a broad technical program covering current topics from the crop cultivation, crop breeding, plant protection, agricultural technology and fertilizer management sectors. Current challenges and opportunities in modern crop production will be explored, from the use of Photovoltaic (PV) systems in the field to resilient agricultural systems. The live machinery demonstrations will feature  77 machinery combinations. This makes the DLG Feldtage 2024 Europe's largest event for machine demonstrations, which include live commentary. FarmRobotix, the new platform for the transfer of knowledge on digital innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and robotics, will be launched at the DLG Feldtage exhibition. The DLG Plaza, the DLG CropNight and the camping facility for visitors will also premieres.

The theme of this year's DLG Feldtage is ‘Crop production out of the box’. The venue is Brockhof Estate in Erwitte near Lippstadt, Germany. Visitors will join more than 340 exhibitors from 17 countries at the venue for crop cultivation professionals. On an area of some 55 hectares, farmers will have access to the exhibition’s comprehensive technical program.

 DLG Feldtage, a professional venue; wide range of specialist forums

The technical programme at the DLG Feldtage 2024 will address current challenges in crop production, biodiversity and pioneering technologies. At the newly established “meeting points” located in the outdoor area and in the trial plots, visitors can meet up with experts and exchange ideas on topics like ‘Oil and protein crops’, ‘Successfully managing weather risks’, ‘Resilient agricultural systems’, ‘Organic farming’, ‘PV in the field’ and ‘Traction and soil protection’. Short 20-minute pop-up talks offer practical, compact presentations at the meeting points at the exhibitors' stands in the trial plots, exploring the topics in greater depth. The presentations will take place daily on each hour beginning at 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. As part of the DLG Feldtage, 42 pop-up talks will be offered, with 21 sessions focusing on organic farming.

The three DLG stages  - DLG Expert Stage, Field Days Stage, Plaza Stage - will host over 70 specialist events organized by DLG working gruops, partners and exhibitors. Current topics will be discussed in short sessions on the DLG Expert Stage, Test Field Stand VG15. Whether as a talk, lecture or expert interview - great variety and inspiration are guaranteed. The Feldtage Stage is located in the trial plot at stand VC43, which offers a wide range of insights into the current topics of the co-organizers, specialist partners and exhibitors. Panel discussions on topics relating to the value chain, from primary production to processing and trade, the future of crop protection and organic farming will take place at the Plaza Stage, trial plot stand VG15.

At this year's Feldtage event, the DLG is also once again offering a unique crop comparison platform to view eight alternative crops in demo plots and to exchange ideas with experienced practitioners. Every day from 13:00 to 14:00, interested parties will be able to meet and discuss possible alternatives for crop diversification.

Europe's largest live event for commented machine demonstrations

Some 77 pieces of equipment will be presented at the machinery demonstrations. This makes DLG-Feldtage 2024 Europe's largest live event for machinery demonstrations, which comes with live commentary. In the Live Arena and on three DLG courses, visitors can look forward to a total of 4 hours and 40 minutes of machinery demonstrations daily on each of the three exhibition days. The focus will be on the following live demonstrations: Weed control with row crop cultivators; Tine harrows for cereals and maize; shallow tillage; Multi-tank seed drills for combined sowing of seeds and fertilizer; Innovative technology for chemical crop protection; High-tech mineral fertilizer spreaders; and technology for lifting, loading and filling in the field.

DLG Plaza celebrates its premiere - a meeting place for networking and professional exchange

At the DLG Feldtage, the DLG will be represented for the first time at the new DLG Plaza. Visitors will be able to obtain information on the professional work of the numerous DLG working groups, including tillage and precision farming, and ongoing DLG cooperation projects in crop production as well as DLG’s farm equipment tests. At the same venue, the DLG Competence Center Agriculture will present current information on alternative crops or row-based arable farming on demo plots. The focus will be on a long-term trial at the DLG International Crop Production Centre (IPZ) in Bernburg, Germany, which aims to maintain productivity while conserving biodiversity.

The DLG Plaza Stage will host panel discussions on topics relating to the value chain from crop cultivation to processing and food retailing, the future of crop protection and organic farming. The DLG stand offers many opportunities for networking and further training.

Premieres: DLG CropNight and camping facilities at the DLG Feldtage

DLG CropNight celebrates its premiere. For the first time, visitors to the DLG Feldtage on 12 June 2024 will be offered the opportunity to network with others over cool drinks, good food and lounge music. The event starts at 18:00 at the DLG Plaza. Tickets for CropNight can be purchased from the DLG ticket shop from May onwards. Tickets are priced at €10 and includes two drinks vouchers.

This year, for the first time, anyone opting for a cheaper stay, compared to hotels, that also offer a shorter car journey to the exhibition will be able to take advantage of overnight night camping directly at the DLG Feldtage. Camping guests can choose between pop-up hotel rooms, caravan and tents. A chill-out area offers a relaxing loungelike facility in the evening after visiting the DLG Feldtage. More information: https://dlg-feldtage.de/en/visit/camping-glamping

Launch of ‘FarmRobotix’ platform

A highlight of this year's DLG Feldtage is the launch of the new ‘FarmRobotix’ platform. The international platform has been designed for farmers and experts updating themselves on the latest developments in robotics, AI and automation as well as digital solutions in crop production and agriculture as a whole. Numerous live demonstrations of autonomous machines, technical presentations on the DLG Expert Stage, exhibitor stands and the International Field Robot Event are planned.

 Day dedicated to the Value Chain

With the new “Value Chain Day” on 13 June, DLG Feldtage 2024 will focus on the entire food chain. Experts from science, agriculture, trade, processing along with representatives of leading companies in the food industry will analyse the potential of the trend towards alternative proteins, innovative ways of marketing quality grain and organic farming.

The DLG Plaza will host three large discussion panels on current topics and trends in the agricultural and food industry. The series of presentations will open at 10:00 a.m. with the topic ‘Plant proteins’ followed by a discussion round on the topic of quality wheat at 12.00 noon. At the DLG Plaza, experts will address the question: ‘How can we combine regional wheat production and sales with added value for all processing stages?’.  At 14:00, presentations will focus on the topic of ‘Prospects for the organic value chain’.

Focus on organic farming

Another key topic at the DLG Feldtage 2024 will be organic farming. In various exhibition and event formats, farmers will be able to discuss the latest developments and innovations in organic farming with representatives of the organic value chain. Clover grass, organic cereals and legumes will take center stage at the ‘Organic Farming’ venue and demo areas. Every day on the hour between 10:00 and 16:00, pop-up talks will take place at stand VA21 at the organic farming “meeting point”. Experts will be demonstrating their tips for growing ‘classic’ crops such as wheat, spelt, malting barley, maize and sugar beet as well as alternative crops such as perennial wheat, field beans, peas, soya, chickpeas, lentils, hemp, millet, mustard, legume mixtures and mixtures such as winter triticale and winter peas. The focus will also be on soil cultivation.

Discussion rounds on the prospects for organic farming and organic value chains are planned at the DLG Plaza. On 12 June, the ‘Organic Farming’ meeting point will host an organic lunch.

Location Soester Börde

Estate Brockhof, in the heart of the Soester Börde, is the venue for the DLG Feltage 2024. The farm is managed by the Tägder family and is owned by Carolin Möller. The Brockhof estate farm cultivates potatoes, sugar beets, winter wheat, barley and silage corn, as well as silphium perfoliatum, on some 300 hectares.. The arable farming is supplemented by broiler chickens and a biogas plant.

 About DLG:

With more than 30,000 members, DLG is a politically independent and non-profit organisation. With an international network of food and agricultural experts and subsidiaries in nine countries, DLG organises over 30 regional agricultural and livestock exhibitions worldwide, in addition to its leading international exhibitions, EuroTier for livestock farming and Agritechnica for agricultural machinery, which are held every two years in Hanover, Germany. Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, DLG conducts practical trials and tests to keep its members informed of the latest developments. DLG's International Crop Production Centre, a 600-hectare site in Bernburg-Strenzfeld, Germany, conducts plot trials on crop rotation, cultivation and irrigation, as well as practical machinery tests and outdoor shows and demonstrations.The DLG is home to Europe's largest agricultural machinery test centre, the DLG Test Centre for Technology and Farm Inputs, located in Gross-Umstadt, Germany. DLG bridges the gap between theory and practice, as evidenced by more than 40 working groups of farmers, academics, agricultural equipment companies and organisations that continually compare advances in knowledge in specific areas such as irrigation and precision farming.



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