National Garden Bureau’s 2023 “New Varieties”

National Garden Bureau’s 2023 “New Varieties”

Inspiring consumers to discover, grow, and celebrate the newest plant introductions.

DOWNERS GROVE, IL – For more than 35 years, National Garden Bureau (NGB) has been showcasing and promoting their member’s new plant varieties in the inspirational program appropriately named “New Plants.”

December is when many growers and retailers are finalizing or planning their product line-up and garden selections for the new year.

Nowhere else is there such a complete selection of the newest varieties available (including houseplants) for the coming year than at

Growers and Garden retailers: Search through these new plants to find what your customers are clamoring for! You might have seen some of them at the 2022 California Spring Trials or summer trade shows, but certainly not all!


Garden Communicators: This is your one-stop-shop for the newest of the new! Some of you got a sneak peak of these new varieties at the 2022 GardenComm Virtual but not all of these 120 were in that showcase.

Plants can be searched by year, by ornamentals,  by edibles, or by a number of other options.

Photos, descriptions and other resources are available on National Garden Bureau’s website:

Promotion Works

NGB has long been promoting its member’s new plants. Over time, this program has generated tremendous consumer and industry publicity. The entire industry—breeders, brokers, seed companies, growers, nurseries and garden centers—are urged to highlight these flowers and plants when planning for 2023.

For more information about this program and/or membership in National Garden Bureau, please email Diane Blazek



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