How greenhouse energy monitoring increases profits

How greenhouse energy monitoring increases profits

These days we monitor everything: our heart rate when we go for a run, our screen time when we stare at our phone, and our miles per gallon when we fill up our tank. We use smart watches, smart phones, and smart cars to track data, analyze information, and suggest actions for us to take to improve our outcomes.

Some smart technology also tracks energy use. Energy can account for up to 60% of a greenhouse’s operating costs. How can growers monitor energy to improve profitability?

Energy monitoring equipment can track real-time energy use of greenhouse systems like lights, screens, and fans and analyze trends in consumption and demand to save energy and increase profit margins.

Energy Sink

Most growers monitor energy consumption at the building level using monthly utility bills. Energy costs primarily are driven by electricity and natural gas, as well as delivered fuels like propane or wood. Many business owners look at one number on a utility bill: the cost. But energy suppliers provide other important information on bills, like rate structure and usage.

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