IPM programs are on the rise in greenhouses

IPM programs are on the rise in greenhouses
Plants treated with brand fungicides help plants grow longer, denser root systems for enhanced tolerance to environmental stresses. Photo: BASF Corporation

Crop protection products have been a mainstay in the horticulture industry since its inception, but not in the same way. Many products have been around for a long time, and for good reason — they work well. But growers are looking at new products too, ranging from biological control agents (BCAs) to biopesticides.

Growers are turning toward integrated pest management (IPM) programs, meaning that they use chemicals and biosolutions. This way, growers use products that are healthy for plants and people, while also eliminating pests and diseases.

Dr. Matthew Krause, Field Solutions Director — Specialty Agriculture for Lallemand Plant Care, says there are new, younger growers in the industry. They may not be familiar with the same crop protection practices using biopesticides that more experienced growers know. For this reason, Krause says education is a huge component of successful product use.

“We have a lot of growers who are coming into the greenhouse space who are new to the industry. What we as manufacturers of pest and disease management products need to be aware of is that a lot of these newer growers didn’t go through the training that other growers did years ago. It’s a matter of being aware of that and how some practices in the greenhouse have changed, and making sure we’re doing a good job of training them on how to use all the products, not just our own.”

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