Dipping unrooted vegetative cuttings to reduce pest

Dipping unrooted vegetative cuttings to reduce pest

One of the best ways to start off a new year in the greenhouse is to clean and sanitize benches, floors, and equipment. However, these efforts can feel futile when pest insects hitch a ride on unrooted cuttings and rooted liners. We know from prior research that any plant material entering the greenhouse is likely to have a small number of pests. These pests are difficult to detect and often possess some level of pesticide resistance. What if there were a way to suffocate any pest insects on the plant material coming into the greenhouse to have a better start?

A recent eGRO alert highlights how Canadian scientists began investigating dipping unrooted vegetative cuttings a dozen years ago. The technique was refined about five years ago with a series of trials performed by Dr. Rose Buitenhuis (Vineland Research & Innovation Centre) and 73% of Ontario growers began dipping their incoming cuttings in 2022. This technique is gaining traction with greenhouse growers.

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