Nanjing City Government visits Westland

Nanjing City Government visits Westland

NETHERLANDS - On 27th March 2023, an official delegation from Nanjing city government, Jiangsu Province, China, including the Director General of Nanjing National Innovation Center for Agri Tech, is well received at the World Horti Center, by Dutch Greenhouse Delta (Ms. Mirjam Boekestijn – Acting Director, Mr. Gert Dral – Director China) and its partners Bayer – De Ruiter Seeds, Certhon, Lentiz, KUBO, Ridder, Signify and Van der Hoeven. With great support from the Dutch and Chinese governments, the delegation is warmly welcomed by the Mayor of the municipality of Westland, Mr. Bouke Arends, the Special Envoy of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Mr. Frederik Vossenaar, and the Agricultural Attaché at the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands, Mr. Shupeng Yan.

The purpose of the visit of the delegation to WHC is to enhance the cooperation between the Netherlands and Nanjing in modern agriculture and technologies and further investigate how the Dutch global horticulture experience can benefit the development of modern agriculture in Jiangsu province.

On behalf of the delegation, the Deputy Secretary, of CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee, Mr. Wenzu Shen, gave a speech introducing the agriculture development plan of Nanjing and Jiangsu Province.

The Key part of the total program is the signing ceremony between Nanjing National Agri-tech Innovation Center (NNAIC) and Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD). NNAIC is the first to build national-level innovation Park in agri technology in China. It is built to be the modern agricultural "Silicon Valley" in China. DGD and NNAIC agreed to build an exchange platform in NNAIC to promote Dutch Horticulture know-how and solutions, to support Nanjing in accelerating the development of modern agriculture in Nanjing.

After the signing ceremony, the Nanjing delegation had an interesting tour at the WHC, in which the partners of DGD explained more about the Dutch horticultural solutions.



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