Dialing in your grow lights

Dialing in your grow lights

Grow lights can never truly replace the sun, but they can get pretty close. For many cannabis cultivators, a properly optimized lighting solution is the key to a bountiful and lucrative harvest.

Lights designed for indoor cultivation have myriad benefits. They produce an array of visible and ultraviolet-visible (UV) spectrums capable of stimulating plant growth. Light-emitting diode (LED) lights can integrate with programmable controllers to achieve different intensities and wavelengths, optimizing output throughout the entire plant life cycle. With the right controllers, growers can run different light recipes based on the stage of plant growth. 

It’s important to note that not all grow lights are created equal, and each cultivator has unique needs. By choosing the right grow light at the start and spending the time dialing in spectrum and intensity, cultivation facilities can become more efficient and grow bigger buds.

Consider the power requirements

While more wattage may seem like an input for more light, it’s not always the case. The wattage listed by a light manufacturer refers to the amount of energy a light requires to operate. The type of fixture and efficacy of that fixture determines how much light is produced. 

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