BrightFarms plans multi-acre expansion of its new facility

24-09-2021    13:51   |    Greenhouse Grower

Greenhouse leafy greens growers BrightFarms is kicking off an immediate 2-acre expansion at the site of lēf Farms, the New England greenhouse operation it acquired in July. This will also be the site of its first megafarm, a 14-acre facility that will serve as a growing hub for the entire region.

The acquisition of lēf, a key regional player in the industry, by an indoor growing leader represents a turning point for the burgeoning industry, according to BrightFarms CEO Steve Platt. Additional mergers and acquisitions are sure to follow, Platt says, to keep up with the category’s rapid scaling, as growers battle it out for top sales, better innovation, higher tech, and retail growth. Platt predicts 50% of leafy greens will be grown indoors in the next ten years (up from today’s 10%).

lēf’s dedicated customer base in the Northeast will further bolster BrightFarms’ sales and leadership in the region, which holds the country’s largest market share in the indoor category. It also marks BrightFarms’ availability across the East Coast, from Maine to Georgia, as well as its entrance into Whole Foods. Once the megafarm is completed, it will produce 4 million pounds of lettuce for the region.

Learn more about BrightFarms here.

Source and Photo Courtesy of Greenhouse Grower

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