Approval given for geothermal heated greenhouse in Nevsehir

14-01-2022    15:08   |    Think Geoenergy

TURKEY, Nevsehir- Geothermal heated greenhouse operations have received approval by local authorities in Nevsehir, Turkey.

The application project of the Geothermal Heated Agriculture-Based Greenhouse Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, which will be established on an area of 1 million 377 thousand square meters in the Kozakli district of Nevsehir, has been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

According to a new news published by a local newspaper, the application project of Nevsehir Kozakli Agricultural Specialized Greenhouse (Geothermal Source) Organized Industrial Zone, which will include geothermal energy resources and modern technological greenhouses where seeds, seedlings, vegetables and fruits will be grown, and related industrial facilities. It was approved and accepted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Establishment works started in 2021, in which Nevsehir Governorship, Nevsehir Municipality, Kozakli Municipality, Nevsehir Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nevsehir Commodity Exchange and Nevsehir Chamber of Agriculture participated as associates. High employment and new job opportunities are aimed in the project, which is prepared to ensure the production of high value-added products in Kozakli district. The area to be used in greenhouse activities with a sustainable and edible method of the geothermal resource in the region has a size of 1 million 377 thousand square meters.

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Source: Ineg√∂lonline via our Turkish platform JeotermalHaberler


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