2022 Vertical Farming World Awards winners announced

2022 Vertical Farming World Awards winners announced

The winners of the Vertical Farming World Awards 2022 were announced on 20 September at a Gala Dinner during the 3rd annual Vertical Farming World Congress in Brussels.

The awards were organised by Zenith Global, the food and drink experts, with the support of category sponsors Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) and Cultivatd.

The Winners

Best Crop Innovation

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) - Beyond basil: growing tree seedlings in a vertical farm environment 

Best Crop Enhancement

GreeenTech - GreeenTech

Best Crop Enhancement

Vertical Future Ltd - Vertical Farming

Best Yield Improvement

LettUs Grow - LettUs Grow's ultrasonic aeroponics

Best Lighting Development

Signify - A lighting system as dynamic as a vertical farm

Best AI/Automation Development

Sananbio - Grow rack, lights 

Best Climate Control Innovation

Les Jardins Suspendus - The Vertical Farm built on the top of an ice Factory in Djibouti, East Africa

Best Farm Design Innovation sponsored by Cultivatd

Bowery Farming - Grow Position Mapping and Scalability

Best Energy Efficiency

Les Jardins Suspendus - Les Jardins Suspendus: building a VF at the equator in a cold chamber that is powered by the sun

Best Sustainability Initiative

Urban Crop Solutions - Closing the loop by transforming waste to food

Best Community Initiative sponsored by IGS Limited

LettUs Grow - Grow It York

Best Brand Marketing

AeroFarms - AeroFarms FlavourSpectrum™

Best Retail Innovation

Bowery Farming - Bowery Strawberry Duopack

Best At Home Innovation

Greeen World Revolution - Mirco Urban Farm ECO ABUNDANCE Growing Kit

Best New Business

Les Jardins Suspendus - Les Jardins Suspendus, the first Commercial Vertical Farm in Djibouti, East Africa

Source: HortiBiz


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