Crop protection company aims to promote pollination protection

31-03-2021    13:05   |    Greenhouse Grower

Vestaron, an agricultural environmental science company, has announced a collaboration with Bee Friendly Farming (BFF), a farm certification program dedicated to providing farmers science-based guidelines to provide a healthy habitat for managed and native pollinators on their operations. The partnership represents the two groups’ shared mission to promote and protect honey bees and their vital role as agricultural pollinators.

The BFF program enables farmers to become Bee Friendly Farming Certified by implementing practices that promote, protect, and preserve bee health. This includes offering nutrition and habitat for bees and implementing bee-safe integrated pest management (IPM) strategies.

With revolutionary peptide-empowered technology, Vestaron innovations work in collaboration with nature to target invasive pests while being soft on bees, farm workers, mammals, fish, and natural enemies of pests.

“Bee Friendly Farming is a natural partner for us at Vestaron because we share the priorities of working collaboratively with farmers to implement practices and technology that keep our bee populations healthy,” says Ben Cicora, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vestaron. “We know that farmers trust and respect the work of Bee Friendly Farming and the Pollinator Partnership in this space, and look forward to helping them grow and share their mission.”

In this three-year commitment, Vestaron will donate $30,000 to Bee Friendly Farming and support the program through a variety of promotional initiatives. Cicora has also been nominated to serve on the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign’s Pesticide Education Task Force.

“The Bee Friendly Farming program that Pollinator Partnership developed has grown to cover more than 65,000 certified acres of farmland in the U.S. and Canada in 2020 alone,” says Laurie Davies Adams, President and CEO of Pollinator Partnership. “That growth is thanks in large part to our close collaboration with growers and the dedicated sponsors like Vestaron who understand the importance of working with farmers to protect bee health.”


Source: Greenhouse Grower

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