Solar-powered flower bed automatically waters plants

24-06-2019    02:30   |    Sousuke Kudou/Japan Today

Katsushika Ward in Tokyo, Panasonic Corp and Katsushika Full-of-flowers Urban Development Promotion Council have concluded an agreement on technical cooperation concerning the "Flower Merry-Go-Round" three-dimensional (3D) flower bed, which automatically waters followers by using solar electricity.

The Flower Merry-Go-Round is a cylindrical 3D flower bed developed mainly by Katsushika Full-of-flowers Urban Development Promotion Council, which is participated in by local companies, organizations, etc. It is equipped with an automatic sprinkler that powers a pump with solar electricity. It enables to introduce, maintain and manage a flower bed at low costs.

For the flower bed, 104 flower pots (13 rows x 8) can be installed, and sunlight can be evenly applied by turning the flower pots by hand (they can be turned by 360°). The height and diameter of the pot are 1,880 and 900mm, respectively.

The flower bed has a 12W solar panel on its top and a programmable timer for adjusting watering time in accordance with season and plant. The capacity of the water tank is 200L.

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Photo credit: Katsushika Ward

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