Sher Ethiopia to increase flower production

17:05 - Tue 30/06/2015

The cut flower company will ultimately employ 6,000 people in Adami Tulu. Sher Ethiopia Plc, which is implementing an expansion project in Adami Tulu, 170Km south of Addis Abe...

Farm in a box generates $15,000 a month

16:28 - Tue 30/06/2015

People repurpose old shipping containers for lots of things -- homes, restaurants, art galleries, even swimming pools. But Shawn Cooney may have found the greenest use yet -- ...

Floating greenhouse for personal farming

16:22 - Mon 29/06/2015

A floating greenhouse has been developed that enables farming in places that lack fresh water, energy and cultivatable land, offering an innovative solution to the issue of a ...

84% of Americans aren't eating enough veggies

15:58 - Mon 29/06/2015

Despite an increased consumer interest in health, nutrition and ingredient transparency, Americans are still ignoring one of the easiest ways to live a healthier lifestyle: ea...

Ecuadorian flowers in Amsterdam gardens

15:42 - Mon 29/06/2015

About 4,000 Ecuadorian flowers, of 28 varieties, were displayed for three days in Amsterdam, at the Open Tuinen Dagen event (The Open Gardens). “Heliconias and other tropical ...

Russia may include EU flowers in its embargo

15:29 - Mon 29/06/2015

After last Monday’s extension of EU sanctions, Russia wants to prolong and expand its food embargo. This may include flowers and chocolate, said Russian food watchdog spokesma...

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