Zayndu to present new data at CEA 4.0

Zayndu to present new data at CEA 4.0

Successful customer evaluations have brought forward the launch of Zayndu's Aurora Z25, which uses 'activated air' to disinfect seeds without water or chemicals. The company is also extending its 'try before you buy' offer to enable customers to see the benefits of the complete system running in their own facilities. The new addition to the Aurora series offers increased capacity and additional resilience and is being launched at CEA 4.0 on 6th and 20th May 2022.

Zayndu extends 'try before you buy' offer to on-site evaluations of new Aurora Z25.
Seed pathologist Dr Alberto Campanaro heads up the R&D facility at Zayndu; he says that the increased capacity machine has been requested by customers following evaluations with their own seed. 

"So far, the biology team has used our first machine the Aurora Z10 to treat 60 varieties across 23 different species of plant. The seeds are disinfected and the pathogen load, germination rate and vigour are compared with the untreated seed." 

"Customers have reported an increase in germination rate of up to 20 percent. However, a number of organisations have also told us that the 10-litre capacity was insufficient for many controlled environments. 

"Working with these end users has been invaluable, it has enabled us to optimise the process, validate industry demand and co-design the larger machine." 

The Aurora system offers a chemical free, water free alternative way to disinfect seeds. The seeds are placed in its sealed drum and an electric current is introduced, splitting the air molecules into reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS). This 'activated air' destroys bacteria and fungi, leaving just clean seed and fresh air. 

Scientific studies have shown that the RONS change the surface of the seed coat, which increases water uptake during germination. 

Alberto continues: "The demand for seed evaluations from potential customers has exceeded our expectations and is producing some fascinating results, particularly around optimising the exposure to activated air. We are seeing greater consistency in germination, faster germination times and improved plant development. 

"We are looking forward to discussing these findings at CEA 4.0"

 The company is offering the Z25 to customers for assessment to allow them to see the benefits in their own environment and to work with Zayndu scientists to optimise the protocol by species and variety.

 Zayndu's presentations at CEA 4.0: 

Zayndu is lead presentation partner at the two-day event Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) 4.0 2022, which will feature some of the world's most successful vertical farming companies.

Friday 6th May 2022, 13:30: How cold plasma seed disinfection impacts germination and yield of different crops and cultivars. 

Friday 20th May 2022, 11.25: Integrating cold plasma into the CEA environment to improve productivity.

Source: HortiBiz


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