What’s new in greenhouse crop protection in 2022

13-01-2022    12:50   |    Greenhouse Grower

As controlled-environment operations solidify their pest management programs for 2022, Greenhouse Grower asked crop protection suppliers for an update of what’s new at their companies.

Here are a few updates from those that responded.

New Products

  • Avelyo fungicide is a demethylation inhibitor (DMI) chemistry for broad-spectrum disease control. Avelyo, introduced by BASF, can be used in controlled environments throughout any stage of the production cycle.
  • The EPA has approved the use of Chlorfenapyr, manufactured by BASF and sold as Pylon miticide-insecticide, for use on basil, chives, cucumbers, and small tomatoes in controlled environments.
  • Recently, OHP launched Seido Fungicide, which is a new mode of action (FRAC 50) for control of powdery mildew on ornamentals. It is highly effective when applied preventatively and for early curative infections. Seido offers translaminar movement and redistribution on the leaf surface by vapor activity, which aids in coverage.
  • KleenGrow, a disinfectant manufactured and distributed by Pace Solutions, has received its designation as a fungicide from Health Canada. KleenGrow is an environmentally friendly fourth-generation quaternary ammonium used as an effective microbial and pest control method.

New Resources

  • Disponible en Español — BASF recently translated all pesticide labels for the greenhouse and nursery market into Spanish for the safety and stewardship of growing operations and has begun offering training webinars and pest management guides in Spanish to make training and onboarding of staff easier for growers. For more information, visit BetterPlants.basf.us.
  • Marrone Bio Innovations hosted a two-session greenhouse pest management webinar with appearances from Alex and Lloyd Traven of Peace Tree Farm. It also held a fogging webinar with Rick Yates at GGSPro, and Jared Babek at DRAMM. Both webinars are available at MarroneBio.com. Two new publications are also available from Marrone: “Marrone Bio Innovations Products in Foggers/Low Volume Applicators” and “Plant Health for Ornamentals”.



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