What are the other ways for CEA financing?

What are the other ways for CEA financing?

What is the most challenging thing about starting a commercial urban or controlled environment farm, or "CEA Farm"?

Agritecture gets asked this question often. The answer, of course, is that it depends on the specific circumstances of each individual project. However, one challenge that nearly every project will come across is financing- and it's a topic that we find many entrepreneurs may have only a partial comprehension of.

With that in mind, this article will walk entrepreneurs through the different financing options available, will give examples of successful farm financings, and will provide a sense for when each type of financing becomes most applicable to a new CEA business. The analysis will be higher level since the type of funding best for each CEA Farm depends much upon the type, size, and location of the farm as well as each project's current backing and progress.

Launching a vertical farm comes with significant financing requirements to cover feasibility research and market testing, equipment and technology, a site or building, product R&D, and the "operating j-curve" (this refers to the negative profit made until a farm is operationally break-even). 

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