Jump start your garden webinar: Monrovia

Jump start your garden webinar: Monrovia

Jump Start Your Garden with Fall Planting - Monrovia’s on-demand webinar and Simply Beautiful design guide offer inspiration and solutions.

Azusa, California – Monrovia has created two new ways to help jump start your garden this fall with an informative webinar and beautiful design guide.

Join Katie Tamony, chief marketing officer and trend spotter at Monrovia and Georgia Clay, plant selections manager, for the latest on-demand webinar. This discussion is packed with design tips, trends, and plant suggestions for adding beauty to your garden right now, that bring big payoff in the spring. View the webinar here.

Need planting plans for fall? The Simply Beautiful design guide delivers a “foolproof formula” approach to fall garden projects that will provide interest beyond the season. It features three landscape plans that can be customized to your climate and growing conditions, along with information on design trends, style inspiration and plant choices.

“Planting in the fall can mean plants that are better established for a fuller, more beautiful garden in the spring,” said Tamony. “Our fall webinar and design guide provide real ways to take action in the garden now.”

Monrovia’s free, downloadable design guides are emailed directly to our newsletter subscribers. Access the guide here.

Spend a few moments in the garden with us on Monrovia’s YouTube channel and by signing up for our Grow Beautifully newsletter. You’ll find inspiring videos, expert design tips and plant suggestions to help create the garden of your dreams.

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