OASIS helps growers more with new website

OASIS helps growers more with new website

KENT, OH – While OASIS Grower Solutions is recognized globally for its ability to help growers propagate more in the greenhouse.

 Today it is proud to help growers do the same online with the launch of its new www.oasisgrowersolutions.com website.

"We are very excited to consolidate all of our product information into one site and provide online shopping for our customers in North America.” states Global Director, Bill Riffey, of OASIS Grower Solutions. 

Consistent with the sterile, clean nature of its growing media, the new OASIS Grower Solutions website carries a clean and simple, contemporary look that gives growers the information they need to evaluate which growing media would work best for them. From crop and usage recommendations, to product specifications and downloadable product data, site navigation is intuitive and streamlined to help growers make informed decisions for their farms. 

To help growers quickly navigate and identify the products they need for their application, the new OASIS Grower Solutions website is broken into three simple categories: Propagation, Hydroponics, and Post Harvest. Within these categories, visitors will find the full line of OASIS brand products in their various sizes and configurations – all of which is available to order within just a few simple clicks. Over time, the site will expand to provide even more product information to aid growers, including product usage instructions, protocol videos, and instructional videos.  

To learn more about OASIS Grower Solutions or see its new website for yourself, visit www.oasisgrowersolutions.com



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