Mucci, Prospiant featured in documentary on food security

Mucci, Prospiant featured in documentary on food security

Prospiant, a U.S. provider of controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) greenhouse solutions, and greenhouse vegetable grower Mucci Farms are featured in a recent episode of the award-winning documentary series, “Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid.” The documentary includes a short video highlighting CEA’s role in solving food security concerns, where team members from Prospiant and Mucci Farms teach viewers about the advantages and benefits commercial greenhouse production offers for a food-secure future.

Viewpoint has posted the episode on its website and will distribute the video to 170+ stations throughout the U.S. for use in their interstitial programming over the next year. The food security episode, which is designed for airing on Public Television, is part of a larger series aimed at drawing attention to the value of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) through educational and inspiring stories on the latest topics impacting the world. The condensed version of the video, without Dennis Quaid’s additional commentary, can be viewed on Prospiant’s YouTube channel.

Food security has taken center stage recently as a matter of global importance to feed a growing world population and ensure healthy food is accessible to all. However, changing climate conditions and concerns for the environment present obstacles to achieving this goal by relying solely on outdoor food production. In the video, Prospiant’s President Mark Dunson discusses controlled-environment agriculture’s potential impact on food security through higher and more stable yields, as well as Prospiant’s part in providing complete greenhouse ecosystems to bring fresh fruits and vegetables closer to consumers while making food production more sustainable.

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Photo: Screenshot from the documentary video.



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