Intelligent algorithms enhance desicion-making at Twin Creeks Greenhouse

Intelligent algorithms enhance desicion-making at Twin Creeks Greenhouse
Twin Creeks Greenhouse

Imagine a greenhouse situated between the corn and wheat fields, full of bell peppers protected from the elements and its climate precisely controlled by intelligent algorithms. This isn't science fiction but the reality at Twin Creeks Greenhouse, a sprawling 40-acre wonderland of bell peppers located in Watford, Ontario, Canada. Here, innovation is as deeply rooted as the crops themselves.

Mike, the owner, is a forward-thinking grower who embraces data and innovative techniques. He harnesses landfill gas for eco-friendly heating, but Mike's vision extends beyond sustainability. He constantly seeks ways to optimize his operation and elevate the quality of his crops. 

This drive for progress led Mike to Hoogendoorn's IIVO system and the Intelligent Algorithms (IA) that now come with it. Mike emphasizes the significant benefits IA has brought to their operation. The major advantage," he explains, "is forecasting our full day temperatures and different climate settings, making those adjustments every five minutes. We know that we can step away from the computer and still see what's forecasting for the next hour, two hours, even a couple days out." This frees Mike and his team from constant monitoring, allowing them to focus on the crop itself. 

Beyond functionality, IIVO is user-friendly. "The biggest thing is the ease of it, honestly," says Mike. "We've run it for one year now, and we've definitely seen a more even and uniform crop. And if you want to truly grow with Data-Driven Growing, you need to have a very uniform climate." 

Twin Creek's values their partnership with Hoogendoorn. The company's collaborative approach, including incorporating client feedback into system updates, is another positive aspect of the relationship. 

Mike's key takeaway is the ability to make data-driven decisions. "Good data is hard to argue with," he concludes. IIVO's reports and data allow him to make informed decisions for continued success. 

Twin Creek's Greenhouse exemplifies the power of embracing innovation. By adopting cutting-edge technology, Mike and his team have achieved remarkable results. Their success story is a testament to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for data-driven growing, paving the way for even more efficient and sustainable practices. 



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