Climate, CEA & technology by top sector

Climate, CEA & technology by top sector

The theme for the opening of GreenTech 2023 is "Sustainable growth of food systems worldwide". In the round table session directly followed after the opening, we want to inspire all attendees to step up the pace. Companies, knowledge institutions and government work together every day on the major global challenges we face around climate, energy, food and fighting hunger as part of that. The horticulture sector plays an extremely important role in solutions for these challenges. Within the horticultural sector, we have been working for years on developments and innovations to produce more with fewer resources such as fossile fuels, water and crop protection products. Also the (shortage of) labour is a big topic for which new ways like robotization and digitization solutions are developed.

A lot of these innovations have been around for years, but will become even more important to realise the actual transition to a food production that is completely NETZERO and produces enough to feed all mouths. The energy crisis last year in Europe has accelerated innovations in minimising natural recourses like renewable energy solutions. Every player within the sector plays its part. From seed suppliers to greenhouse builders, vegetable and flower growers to technology suppliers. Now policymakers, investors and crossover industries need to join to drive the movement forward. This to truly embrace and use the horticulture industry as solid contributor to reach the UN climate goals.

Soure and Photo: Greentech




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