Syngenta's ToBRFV resistant baby plums

Syngenta's ToBRFV resistant baby plums

You wouldn’t buy a new car that has the latest and greatest motor if it was missing the tires and wheels. In the same way you shouldn’t buy a new tomato variety that has ToBRFV resistance, but is missing flavor, fruit quality, and other disease resistances.

″The rugose virus is impacting all tomatoes—but especially the cluster markets such as snacking tomatoes,″ said Stéphane Le Caro, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Portfolio Lead for Indeterminate Tomato, Passive Greenhouse. ″It’s very important to find resistance in snacking tomatoes like baby plum and now Syngenta has an answer for that premium market.″

Convenience, sweet flavor, and color are all characteristics that helped the snacking tomato market find success in the early 2010s when Syngenta introduced Sweetelle. Today, Syngenta is protecting those attributes consumers love with ToBRFV resistance.

Baby Plum Brix Stay High, Protecting Flavor

Consumers around the world have enjoyed snacking tomatoes for more than a decade. Providing access to reliable product that meets customer standards is a responsibility Syngenta takes very seriously—it’s our reputation and our grower’s livelihoods at stake.

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